WordPress Essential Security

The course is designed for those who use WordPress for self blog/website or design website for clients. You don’t need to learn an advanced programming language to secure the WordPress website but you will get all the necessary scripts and tips that make a WordPress website secure and will learn how to use them. This course will teach you WordPress Security in a practical manner and will make you a WordPress Security exert.


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of security
  • Know how WordPress website gets hacked
  • Know how to protect it
  • Know how to protect your content

Who can join?

  • WordPress Site Owners
  • WordPress Administrators
  • WordPress Webmasters
  • Anyone who uses WordPress
Course Syllabus
0. Course Overview

~ Module – 1 ~

1. Understand why hackers hack a website and some common why they do

2. How to make a secure WordPress install

3. Techniques to Protect WordPress Site

4. Secure ID and Password

5. Importance of Update

~ Module – 2 ~

1. Secure User Account

2. Protecting Admin URL

3. Limit Login Attempts

4. Login Lockdown

5. Block IP

6. Prevent Brute Force Attacks

7. Firewall Setup

~ Module – 3 ~

1.. v2/v3 captcha setup

2. SPAM Prevention

3. Copy Protection

4. Users Enumeration


~ Module – 4 ~

1. SFTP vs FTP

2. File Protection


4. Protecting Database

5. wp-config.php

6. .htaccess

~ Summary ~

1. Complete course summary

2. More for you

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What kind of support will I get?

You get all the required support to learn all the modules mentioned in the course. You will be able to interact with educators in the live class. You can schedule one on one meetings with educators as per their availability.

Will I get help in how to set up for live class?

Yes, you will get all the required help to come onboard and learn.

Is this recorded lessons or live session?

These are live classes where you can learn, interact and ask questions in real time. Also, there will be recorded sessions of every module in the course which learners can refer to.

Will I get individual attention?

Yes, you can interact with educators in real time. Also our educators mentor learners one on one basis.


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