Website Design & Development Courses

WordPress Startup

This course has been designed from a beginner’s perspective. You will learn step by step guide from the ground to making a WordPress website live.

WordPress Advanced

Learn to design website like a pro using WordPress. You will design a professional looking website after completing this course. You will learn by doing.

WordPress Essential Security

In this course you will learn some Must Have layers of security to a WordPress site and how to apply them into any WordPress Website.

Divi Web Designing Course

Learn to design a professional website without any coding language using most popular multi-purpose WordPress theme.

HTML From Scratch

Learn HTML from scratch to bring a live project. The first coding language you need to know to succeed in web development.

CSS From Scratch

CSS is a great way to further your website designing skills. Learn to style HTML files to the next level and make more device friendly.

JavaScript From Scratch

JavaScript will even make you more modern in website development field.

Complete PHP

Learn everything you need to know to become a professional PHP Developer with practical exercises and live project.

Digital Marketing Courses

Facebook Marketing

Learn to use Facebook for your business. You can boost any brand or business 10x after this course. Complete Facebook marketing with Facebook Ads that will boost any business.

Twitter Marketing

A great platform to promote your business. Take the most out of it. Learn the Twitter Marketing Course today and take advantage of the opportunities. You should never avoid it.

Affiliate Marketing Without Website

Do you want to start Affiliate Marketing but have no idea where to start? This course module will guide you how to start Affiliate Marketing without a website.

Affiliate Marketing With Website

Do you want to start Affiliate Marketing but have no idea where to start? This course module will guide you how to start Affiliate Marketing with a website.

Computer Courses for Beginners

Course On Computer Concepts

Have zero computer knowledge and want to start learning? This course is designed for you to learn the basic uses of computer in our daily life.

Diploma in Computer Application

Learn the basic uses for computer for daily life. This course will teach your daily uses of MS Office, Windows Computer and uses of Internet.

Advance Diploma in Computer Application

Learn even more than DCA. In depth of MS Office, Windows Computer, Photoshop and functionality and daily uses of Internet in our day to day life.

Internet Mastery for Day-to-Day Life

Internet is to make life easier. If you want to learn the proper uses of Internet to make your life style even more easier then this is a perfect course for you.

Self Development Courses

Pronunciation Mastery

This course is made for those who are really serious with his/her English Pronunciation and want to improve it. This course will teach you each single sound of English which is the key to pronounce any word correctly.

Basic English for Better Speaking Skills

If you want to improve your English Speaking Skills then this course is made for you. You will have a friendly tutor throughout your learning period who will guide you to enhance your skills.

Advance English for Fluent Speaking Skills

This course will help you to take your English fluency skills to the next step. This module includes the most useful English listening and speaking Fluency Strategies that works.

English Writing for Beginners

Are you looking to improve your English writing skills? Join this course and learn to write error free English. You can join this course whether you are a student or a office professionals.