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This course has been designed for both beginners & experts. You will learn step by step guide from the ground to making a dynamic website. This course covers not only the conceptual framework of PHP but also covers the practical aspects of developing a modern website or a blog. This course will focus on all the Fundamentals, Building-blocks and Advance Concepts of PHP in detail which are essentials for beginners. After completion of this course, you will be able to build a professional website for your business or your client.


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Making web pages dynamic with the variety of PHP Techniques
  • Learn all PHP Fundamentals and Building Blocks with practical implementation in Live Projects
  • Create complete Contact Form

Who can join?

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Anyone who wants to learn to code
  • Anyone who wants to earn online
  • Anyone who wants to start their own business or become a freelancer
  • Developers who want to create better websites
  • Anyone who wants to add extra skill to his/her resume
Course Syllabus
Php Course Overview
1. Introduction
2. Why should you learn PHP?
3. Tools & Server Setup
3. Hello World with PHP
4. Variables
5. Arrays
6. If Statements
7. For & For Each Loops
8. While Loops
9. Global Variables
10. GET Variables
11. POST Variables
12. GET Vs POST Variables
13. Sending An Email With PHP
14. A Complete Contact Form
15. Qiuz.

MySQL Course
1. Introduction
2. What is MySQL
3. Connecting To A Database
4. Retrieving Data From A Database
5. Inserting & Updating Data
6. Looping Through Data
7. Session Variables
8. Cookies
9. How to store password Securely
10. A Complete Contact Form With Dyanic Form Submission.
11. Login & Sign Up Form Creation.

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Live Projects

Projet – 1: Complete contact form creation

Projet – 2: Weather Scraper

Projet – 3: Complete Login System


What kind of support will I get?

You get all the required support to learn all the modules mentioned in the course. You will be able to interact with educators in the live class. You can schedule one on one meetings with educators as per their availability.

Will I get help in how to set up for live class?

Yes, you will get all the required help to come onboard and learn.

Is this recorded lessons or live session?

These are live classes where you can learn, interact and ask questions in real time. Also, there will be recorded sessions of every module in the course which learners can refer to.

Will I get individual attention?

Yes, you can interact with educators in real time. Also our educators mentor learners one on one basis.


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Rajesh Ravidas

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Manjay Ray

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